Brand Portfolio

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A world-famous brand of computer and mobile peripherals from Switzerland focused on innovation and quality, with products that have an everyday place in people’s lives. Founded in 1981 in Switzerland, and quickly expanding to the Silicon Valley, Logitech’s innovation brought the many industry firsts to the world, including the infrared cordless mouse, the thumb-operated trackball, the laser mouse, and more.

Logitech focuses on how customers worldwide connect and interact with the digital world, keeping design at the center to create a truly unique and meaningful experience.


Logitech G

A subsidiary of the Logitech brand, Logitech Gaming is focused on creating the most advanced gaming peripherals that offer high-performance and immersive experience.

Equipped with today’s innovative technologies and the drive for the best gaming experience, Logitech Gaming continues to defy expectations in the industry, making it one of the most trusted brands by professional gamers today.



A global brand that is driven to create the future through smart and quality electronics and appliances, which can be seen through Samsung’s line of high-definition televisions that are designed with immersive picture display and sound quality, with excellent smart TV functionalities.

Built for the comfort and enjoyment of your eyes.


Ultimate Ears

Created in 1995 on a tour bus in California, Ultimate Ears started as quality in-ear monitors that were trusted by famous musicians in the music industry.

With excellent audio engineering and superlative philosophy to consumer speakers and earphones, Ultimate Ears has become a pioneer of today’s mobile speakers, creating 360 ° sound with size-defying audio, unique ruggedness, and the now-iconic circular form.



A result of the collaboration of several professionals in both the technology and gaming industry, BitFenix is focused on combining excellent design with the latest technologies, resulting in high-performing state-of-the-art computer hardware and peripherals.

With a combined understanding of gaming and other high-demand computing applications, BitFenix is dedicated to creating the ultimate go-to in computing products and peripherals with superior engineering and design know-how.


Known worldwide for its smart appliances, LG showcases the brand’s innovation through its ultrawide monitors and gaming monitors that provide a whole new level of experience for workers, gamers, and artists alike. With slim designs, excellent colors, and immersive life-like motion, these monitors by LG are one of today’s best choices for quality viewing, working, and gaming.